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Why LSSM Offers the Best Guitar Lessons in Austin

Apr 14, 2016 | 1 comment

Offering the Best Guitar Lessons in Austin

Lone Star School of Music (LSSM) offers some of the best guitar lessons in Austin for the whole family. Guitar music crosses genres and lends itself to such diverse sounds that there is a style for everyone. From country to rock to jazz, and everything in between, the guitar has always played a large part in the music scene.

Here are some of the reasons we believe we offer the best guitar lessons in Austin, and why we know you will love learning at our school:

  1. All Ages

    Guitar lessons for all ages are offered. Infants and Toddlers can enjoy Wee Rock and Little Rock is for the older kids. Classes are also offered for adults and retirees. We believe no one is ever too young or too old to get started with lessons. Music is ageless.

  2. All Levels

    Regardless of your experience, there is a level that fits your skill. Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced or Professional. Our lessons are adapted to meet all skill levels. Beginners won’t be overwhelmed and professionals know they can never learn too much.

  3. Group & Private Lessons

    Group and Private lessons are offered. Private lessons are given more than fifteen different instruments. Don’t simply stop with the guitar – once the music bug hits, explore many options. Enjoy sharing your your experience with others on your skill level or relish in the one-on-one instruction that is completely geared to your needs.

  4. All Styles

    Whether you prefer classical, rock, pop, jazz, or folk, we can teach you what you want to know. Guitars lend themselves to such a wide variety of styles. We understand that you have a preference and we aim to make sure all our students have a chance to do what they most enjoy.

  5. All Types

    Offering the best guitar lessons in Austin means offering guitar lessons in more than one type of guitar. Our staff teaches electric, acoustic, classical, ukulele, mandolin and sitar. We have an instrument to match your style. Enjoy one or expand your horizons and attempt to learn a few.

  6. Diversity

    We have a diverse faculty of professional musicians and music educators. Our instructors have many years of combined experience. Their love of music as well as teaching combine to give you an unequaled learning experience.

  7. Bi-Lingual Lessons

    Offering lessons in English and Spanish language. Music is considered the Universal Language. We don’t allow the many Spanish-speaking citizens of the area feel they can’t also enjoy learning. Make friends and discover the one thing every culture that ever existed has enjoyed – the love of music.

  8. 3 Austin Locations

    We have three Austin Locations: Arbor Trails, Dripping Springs. Wherever you are in the city, we have a location near where you live or work. The various locations make it possible to keep classes smaller, and give you a more personal learning experience.

  9. Summer Music Camp

    Summer Music Camp for kids is available at all three of our Austin locations: Summer Camp Arbor Trails, Summer Camp Dripping Springs. Give your children something to do this summer that will enrich their lives for years to come.  Summer is the perfect time to allow them time free of other lessons so they can become fully immersed in the learning experience.

  10. Sign Up Is Easy

    We know our families and students have busy lives, and not everyone has time to drop into the school for a visit. So, we’ve made signing up easy. New students can register online, over the phone, as well as in person, at any of our three locations.

Discover the Best Guitar Lessons in Austin for Yourself

Sign up today for the best guitar lessons in Austin, for yourself or your child. Pick a location, decide on an instrument, and set out on one of the most rewarding paths you may ever travel. Make this a family project and book lessons for everyone – the kids, Mom, Dad and Grandma and Grandpa!

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