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6 Big Benefits of Taking Piano Lessons in Austin

by | Jun 20, 2016 | 1 comment

An Instrument with a Broad Appeal

Pianos can be found in almost any place that has a music program. Sometimes the piano is part of a group of many different instruments, and other times it is the lone voice. In either case, it is an instrument that appeals to a wide variety of people, from the newborn baby to great-grandparents near the end of life’s journey. In addition to appealing to a wide audience, taking piano lessons in Austin offers several other benefits.

1.  Concentration & Focus

Learning to play the piano can help you learn to increase concentration and focus for extended periods of time. The ability to focus fully on something, especially for a long period of time, takes practice. As you learn the basics of piano-playing, and then the individual pieces, you need to focus completely on the music, finger position and tempo. It’s a great way to take a mental break from the over-stimulating world we live in.

2.  Self-Esteem

Taking regular piano lessons in Austin can help you build confidence and self-esteem. This is often the feeling that comes from finally mastering something you never could before. The heightened self-esteem is a feeling that can’t be reproduced easily. Increased self-esteem has a positive impact on every area of your life.

3.  Coordination & Dexterity

Whether you take group or private piano lessons, you will be learning coordination and dexterity. Having to read music, know where to place your fingers and how fast or slow to push individual keys takes skill. As you progress in your learning, your hand-eye coordination also improves. Piano playing also helps keep fingers nimble, especially for those who use their hands to do things requiring small, precise movements. Arthritis suffers can find some relief in the daily finger exercises.

4.  Well-Rounded Interests

The more skills a person has, the more chance they have to succeed and enjoy themselves for years to come. Learning to play the piano encourages one to become more versatile and well-rounded. Colleges look for students who have many different interests, as do employers. Having a variety of skills and interests also helps when seeking friendships. Being well-rounded helps ease social anxiety and gives you a starting point for conversations.

5.  Analytics & Emotion

Piano lessons work to develop both hemispheres of the brain. We systematically read and reproduce music on the left side, while creatively expressing music and emotion on the right. The happiest and most successful people in the world are those who are able to use both sides of the brain. This enables you to examine issues from many angles, find more possible solutions to problems and understand people and the world in general much better.

6.  Stress Relief

Piano lessons in Austin also reduce stress. Life is chaotic. We are surrounded daily by noise, phone calls, tasks that need done. It becomes stressful. Being able to sit and concentrate on piano playing allows your body and mind to rest from the multitude of stimuli they are subjected to on a daily basis. After a piano playing session, you will find the focus has relaxed you and made it possible to return to your daily activities with a clearer mind and more relaxed body.

Enjoy All the Benefits of Piano Lessons in Austin

With all the benefits gained by taking piano lessons in Austin, why wait another day? Regardless of age, musical taste or ability, the piano will help you become a better, more relaxed, and more-rounded individual. Not many things can do all this at once!

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