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Introduce Music Early With Bass Lessons For Children

by | Sep 14, 2022 | 1 comment

Has your child ever thought about playing the bass? With four strings instead of the guitar’s six and the cool walking licks you hear in the bass line of many songs, this instrument could be the right fit for your child. Bass lessons at Lone Star School of Music in Austin are a great way to get your child involved with music in order to gain confidence and creativity.

As one of the top music schools in Austin, we love to take on new students interested in learning to play an instrument. With some patience, dedication, and enthusiasm, your child could be well on his or her way to becoming the next Carol Kaye or Geddy Lee.

What Are the Benefits of Learning the Bass?

Besides reading music, learning to play bass guitar has a variety of benefits. As your child practices and improves, he or she will also gain more cognitive abilities and better hand-eye coordination. Here are a few benefits to expect from bass lessons:

1. Enhances Memory

Does your kid struggle to remember where she left her backpack? Studies show that students receiving musical instruction can retain up to 20% more information than others who don’t play. Music lessons contribute to the enlargement of the brain’s left hemisphere, where creative thought occurs. With a few bass lessons under her belt, your child may even remember where she put her homework.

2. Establishes Focus

Reading and performing music naturally encourages your brain to concentrate on multiple factors at once, helping you flex your focus muscles. Playing bass helps increase focus by keeping track of rhythm, sheet music, and finger placement all at once. This practice could help your child do better in school.

3. Improves Coordination

Because of the dexterity required to play bass, it may seem like a complicated skill to learn. But with practice, bass players can start to feel the “walking” feeling that comes with experience. By learning the more complicated finger movements, your child will build stronger arm and hand muscles and develop better hand-eye coordination. These benefits not only make for a better bassist but can translate to other areas of skill that require precise movements.

4. Develops Discipline

The best way to excel at anything is to commit to practicing. With teachers and peers who help hold your child accountable, bass lessons can instill discipline in students who put in the work. As a result, your child can learn the value of perseverance that can be used in other areas of her life.

5. Promotes Self-Expression

Outside of mastering the basics, learning to play bass gives your child a creative outlet they may not have experienced yet. After a few lessons, your child can look forward to playing covers of their favorite songs, writing new ones, and even becoming an improviser. Exploring your child’s creative side can give him an outlet he may not have elsewhere, and you may start to see a new version of him as his bass-playing improves.

Where Are the Bass Lessons Located in Austin?

The Lone Star School of Music has three locations:

  • South Austin.
  • Lakeway.
  • Dripping Springs

Because our programs are consistent across all three locations, you can choose the site that is most convenient for your family and have the same experience at each. Need to change locations? No problem. We can make your child’s transition seamless.

Why Is the Lone Star School of Music the Best Place To Learn Bass?

Because we focus on fun, we find that our students are always eager to return to our bass classes. Our goal is to teach correct techniques while imparting the joy of music. Learning to play bass in a group setting brings peers together in a supportive and relaxed environment. Because they occur weekly and take about 50 minutes, they can fit perfectly into your busy schedule. We also have one-on-one class options if a group setting isn’t your thing, and these lessons last for 30 minutes once a week.

No matter your child’s learning style, Lone Star School of Music can meet his or her needs. We host regular showcases to allow all our students to show off their rock star skills no matter their ability level.

If bass lessons sound like the right fit for your kid, contact Lone Star School of Music today to register for bass lessons that are sure to change your child’s life.