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Why Your Child Needs Music Classes for Toddlers

by | Jan 30, 2017 | 1 comment

The Benefits of Music Lessons

You may not know it, but putting your child in music classes for toddlers can benefit them later on in life. Although they are learning the skills needed to learn and understand music, they are also learning other skills. There’s more to music than just music. Music is essential, and is proven to help with brain development in children. Getting your little one involved in music benefits them in many areas. Not only does music strengthen their mind, but builds cognitive skills in many different areas.

Social Skills

Learning social skills, especially at a young age is important. In a music class with other children around their age, they learn how to work together. Team work plays a big role later on in life. If your child learns how to work together as a team now, they can take this skill with them. They can learn how to communicate with others and even support them.


Music strengthens connections in many parts of the brain. Not only does it help develop motor development and coordination, but it enhances intelligence. A child’s mind is always growing and building. Studies show that music helps strengthen different areas of the brain that help with academics. It can help with the process of writing, and even mathematics. The words used in songs builds and increases your child’s vocabulary. Rhythm and beats help the mathematics part of the brain. They can learn how to count beats and follow rhythm.


Music is an art form, which involves using the creative part of your brain. They may get creative and try to play their own song on an instrument. It they might make up their own lyrics. This allows them to use creativity with music, which can channel it elsewhere later on.

Reduce Stress

With the help of music, your child can channel their stress by playing an instrument. Maybe they want to play the drums and feel like banging on it to let their emotions out. Or maybe they feel like singing their heart out. When playing music, a chemical releases throughout your that makes you feel more happy. This allows you to feel more calm and secure, especially when dealing with stress.

Life-Long Hobby

As they learn to play an instrument, they can take those musical skills with them and apply them later on in life. Once they find an instrument they really enjoy, they can continue to play it. As they grow, they can continue to grow as a musician and let music become a life-long hobby.

Take Music Classes for Toddlers the Austin Way

It’s not just music classes for toddlers, but an opportunity for children to grow in the best ways possible. Learn music the Austin way with Lone Star School of Music. Call us today at (512) 712-5187 or register online for our Wee Rock Group Class. Let your little one learn music in a fun environment.

Why Your Child Needs Music Classes for Toddlers | Lone Star School of Music, Austin TX