Aleksandr B

Aleksandr is an accomplished musician that began his pianist career in Russia where he attended a 7 year music school for piano studies beginning at the age of 5. In his course in Russia, students went weekly consisting of 2 days of technical piano playing, 2 days of strict music theory study and 2 days of performance practice. 
As an adult, Aleksandr has since played and toured with multiple orchestras, created and performed with several garage rock bands in Russia and took part in the Russian-American rock ballet project called "The Heart of Storm" with famous rock musicians from the USA and the Russian ballet group. He now has retired from performing and teaches full time while working on his own projects at his home studio in various genres, from EDM to rock and classical.. 
He has mastered three more musical instruments, in addition to the piano, such as: acoustic guitar, electric guitar and bass-guitar.
Aleksandr graduated from the University of Humanities in Moscow.
Aleksandr is available for piano, guitar and bass lessons on Mondays and Fridays