Adult Group Guitar Lessons

Find Your Inner Rockstar and Attend Our Group Guitar Lessons for Adults

Adult Guitar Lessons in Austin TX

No matter your age, music moves us all. And it’s never too late to learn how to play an instrument!
Whether you’re an experienced musician or just starting out, the experienced instructors at Lone Star School of Music can teach you how to play with our adult guitar lessons. There are tons of great reasons to start learning, so if you’re ready to share your love of music with us, sign up for adult guitar lessons today!
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Beginner/Intermediate Guitar Lessons – $65/Month

  • For newbies

Never picked up a guitar before? This class is for you.

Started playing guitar, but having trouble finding your inner rockstar? This is the class for you.

In our adult group guitar lessons, you’ll learn all the basics:

  • how to tune your guitar
  • how to change your strings
  • how to keep a steady rhythm
  • how to play songs in a laidback and fun group environment

Minimum of three students for each class.

Adult Group Advanced Guitar Lessons – $65/Month

  • For more advanced guitarists

Our Advanced Adult Guitar Lessons pick up where the Beginner/Intermediate Adult Guitar Lessons left off.

Continue learning chords and notes while simultaneously focusing on the music you love to play.

Move at a faster pace as the group gains confidence alongside skill. Who knows – the members of your new band may be among your classmates!

Meet Our Instructors

Interested but unsure where to start? Check out our Comprehensive Guide to Guitar Lessons in Austin.

Learn everything there is to know about how to choose the best adult guitar lessons in Austin for YOU! Our guide covers how to choose between acoustic and electric, cost, and more!

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