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6 Reasons to Take Private Music Lessons

Feb 28, 2017 | 1 comment

Grow at Your Own Pace

Not everyone is into group music lessons, which is why we offer private music lessons for all ages and abilities. Some people like learning at a slow and steady pace by themselves. Others like breezing ahead. They’re both okay! There are positive sides to taking both private music lessons and group classes. Sometimes, however, it’s best to learn music without the group. Here are 6 common reasons for taking private music lessons.
  1. One-on-One Teaching

    One of the great things about taking private lessons is that the instructor is able to work with you and only you. There are no distractions from other students. Your music instructor is able to sit with you and work with your style, technique, and even music reading skills. If there’s trouble understanding material, you can ask your instructor for help. You’re able to learn at your own pace and get feedback.

  2. Instant Feedback

    You don’t have to worry about never hearing from your teacher because they’re right there to give you immediate feedback. If your instructor sees that you’re struggling with the material, they can immediately help. You don’t have to worry about holding back the group or waiting on the group to keep going. It’s all on your own time and your own progress.

  3. Goal Setting

    The two of you can work together and come up with goals and how to achieve them. Goal setting is a great way to grow as a musician. The more you achieve your goals, the more you can see your progress. It’s also nice to have your instructor by your side making sure you’re taking the right steps to achieve them.

  4. Support and Encouragement

    As mentioned before, having your instructor by your side makes things less stressful. Sometimes the journey to growing as a musician can be tough. When you feel down or even stuck, your instructor is there to help push you through. Sometimes the best teaching is as simple as encouragement.

  5. No Spotlight

    Sometimes the stagefright of presenting in front of a group happens, and that’s okay. Private lessons allow you to perform without others there. It’s about you and how to improve yourself. With private lessons, you start to gain confidence with how you perform. There’s no worry about others watching you. It’s just you and your instructor. Sometimes the spotlight can hold you back because of butterflies. Now, you don’t have to worry.

  6. Individuality

    When taking private lessons, you learn how to push yourself. As you start to pick up habits of practicing on your own, you also start to push yourself further. The more you want to achieve your goals, the more you start to push yourself. This allows you to gain more responsibility and even individuality, which is great!

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6 Reasons to Take Private Music Lessons | Lone Star School of Music, Austin TX