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Noah R.

Kind, easy going, and truly passionate for all things music, Noah is a teacher you’ll want to stick around for!
Noah is completely self taught on his primary instrument (guitar) with which he has more than 10 years playing experience.
His guitar philosophy is quite unique: Instead of simply demonstrating how to play a selection of songs, Noah will teach you how to make even the simplest passages sound absolutely beautiful.
It is a technique based approach that sets the foundation for you to be able to take your playing as far as you want to.
You see, most people pick up an instrument to have fun! You want to be able to play the songs you love (or create your own) and derive enjoyment from the experience. But the main barrier most people face is that in the beginning, your playing sounds awkward and clunky – nothing like the music you love. Because Noah teaches you how to make ANYTHING sound beautiful, you will be able to pick up and play anytime, anywhere – covers or original music.
A performer at heart, Noah loves to get on stage and perform his own original music.
Noah’s got you covered!
In addition to guitar Noah teaches:
– song-writing
– vocal lessons
– audio engineer/ sound production (Logic Pro X)