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Kiah B.

Music has always been a crucial part of Kiah’s life, both professionally and personally. From a young age, Kiah has made it a point to elevate her musical knowledge and involvement in the arts. Her career began at the age of nine when she enrolled into piano lessons with a private instructor for classical piano studies. From there grew a deep passion that drove Kiah to further her education in different styles including pop, jazz, blues, musical theater, country and alternative. Kiah was involved with choir starting in the 3rd grade and continuing onto her senior year of high school; she competed in choral competitions such as solo and ensemble, and was accepted into the Denton Chorale, a city wide varsity choir that performed and competed around North Dallas and Oklahoma. Alongside singing, Kiah took an affinity for the piano and performed for three years with Alice in Chains, a local Denton, Texas alternative band born from the Music Academy of Denton

Once graduated from high school, Kiah Brooks attended McNally Smith College of Music where she studied music production. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Music. Kiah has interned at The Hideaway Studios in Northeast Minneapolis where she worked with Joseph Mabbott, studio owner. She has also produced albums for singer-songwriter Alexander Kauffman, slam poet Kevin “Kaoz” Moore, rapper Solo Star, and the band Trevor DeVine and the Immaculate Beings. Not to mention, she has done a plethora of side projects with songwriter Omni Maverick, choir group Painted Harmony, choral director Benjamin Matthew Cramer, drummer Glory Yard, rapper Wallace “YungFrost” Wilder, and producer Obi Kwelani. Kiah started her musical career as a musician and performer but now looks to continue her career professionally as a producer, audio engineer and teacher. Her greatest love is to work collaboratively with musicians just as passionate as she.