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Daniel W.

Daniel has been playing and creating music his whole life, and playing guitar and studying music for well over ten years. Trained in rock, jazz, and classical, Daniel has performed and recorded as both a solo artist and as a member of a touring hard Rock Band, a state university jazz big band, various jazz quartets, acoustic/electric duos, classical ensembles, and more.

Daniel earned his Bachelors degree in Guitar Performance, with an emphasis in jazz, followed by his Masters in Music Theory and Composition, both from Sam Houston State University. In addition to teaching guitar privately for over five years, Daniel also conducted the Sam Houston State University Guitar Ensemble during the Fall 2007 semester.

Daniel is experienced in teaching all styles, from rock and country, to jazz and classical, and all levels, from complete beginners, to more experienced and advanced players. He also enjoys teaching composition, songwriting, and music theory.



“I love to teach, and I love to see students learning and improving. With a thorough background in music theory and history (including world music), I enjoy teaching music from a fundamental perspective, in addition to the specific genre the student is studying. I believe that that the fullest musical experience comes from not only learning the styles and songs you love, but also understanding and appreciating other styles, understanding theory and history, and understanding the underlying connections between all musical cultures,” explains Wilson.

He considers himself a patient and easy going teacher, but with a sense of discipline and a focus on results and developing the students technical abilities in addition to developing their musicality. He modifies his lesson curriculum to fit the student’s interests. He generally divides his lessons between learning songs, repertory, theory and some history. Often, he chooses to leave time for jamming and learning to improvise, becuase he feels that one of the best ways to learn is by playing with other musicians. He encourage students to compose and write their own music. Therein he believes lies the true joy of music: creating and sharing music with others!