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Do Kids Need Music Lessons?

by | Oct 1, 2015 | 1 comment

Music Lessons for Kids

Did you know children who study music usually have more advanced reading skills and larger vocabularies than their peers who do not participate in music lessons? Studies also show children who study musical instruments excel in all their studies, have enhanced critical thinking skills, work better in teams, are more likely to stay in school and normally pursue further education.

Music lessons for kids have tremendous benefits in their growth development. Below are 5 compelling reasons you should put your children into music lessons today!

Improved Academic Skills

A Stanford study showed music engages areas of the brain that promote paying attention, making predictions, and updating our memory. These are all skills needed for children to do well academically. Improving their attention span and ability to update their memories means they will learn faster and study better.

Develops Physical Skills

Learning certain instruments such as percussion develops a child’s motor skills and eye-hand coordination. It is also an excellent choice for children with a lot of energy as they engage their arms, core, and legs. Playing percussion instruments gives them a chance to express themselves and exert their energy in a fun and safe way. However, other instruments such as the piano, violin, and viola also develop physical skills but in different areas.

Enhances Social Skills

Group music lessons for kids cultivate peer interaction and teach them communication skills. They learn how to communicate with one another and collaborate through music. Children are also more likely to attend school and even graduate when they are part of a music program. Music helps children to learn proper social skills and promotes interaction with others. It also creates a sense of belonging to their music group.

Teaches Discipline and Patience

Learning an instrument takes a lot of discipline and patience. It takes time to learn, which develops patience, and discipline to practice outside the classroom. This delayed gratification along with focus and determination are traits a child must learn to do well in life. They understand with hard work, and practice they will get better at something. Also, during class a child learns to wait for their turn to play. They learn to stay quiet and listen to their classmates play for extended periods of time, which develops a level of patience that even some adults do not possess.

Self-Esteem Booster

In class, children receive constructive feedback. They learn to channel criticism into a positive change within their lives. This boosts a kid’s self-esteem and provides them with a sense of control. It is up to them to determine how well they want to play based on how much they practice. This self-esteem in music translates into other parts of their lives. Having more confidence means they are less likely to give into peer pressure and are also less susceptible to social anxiety as they get older.

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