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Austin Summer Music Camp

Apr 29, 2019 | 1 comment

School is almost out! Are you ready? Austin Summer Music Camp is! Summer break is upon us, so you need to start thinking of fun activities for the kids to keep their minds moving and active. There is nothing better than the Lone Star School of Music Austin Summer Music Camp!

Located in Austin, Texas, the Lone Star School of Music will begin their Austin Summer Camp weekly from June 6 to August 5 for children ages 5-15, at 4 convenient locations: Southwest Austin, Dripping Springs, and Lakeway!

This is a great opportunity for the children to get distracted from their screens at home and enjoy hands-on activities that are different and entertaining! Read below for more information about our Austin Summer Music Camp and register today!austin summer music camp

Summer Camp Programsaustin summer music camp

The following programs are offered in the locations listed above. The Little Rock Camp is for ages 5-9 and the Rock Camp for ages 10-15. There are different activities for different age groups.

For the younger kids, the program may be more hands-on as they continue to develop their motor skills. For the older group, the program may seem to be a bit more social, where the kids can interact together to form a band!

Music will be taught by some of Austin’s Best Music Teachers. Our faculty consists of experts coming from all across the states from Hollywood, California to Wisconsin.

Some teachers are trained to instruct students with Down Syndrome and Autism.

Each age group in the Austin Summer Camp has been modified to provide kids with the best music experience. Keep reading to find out how these programs are perfect for your kids, big or small!

Little Rock Camp

In Little Rock Camp, children ages 5-9 can explore the music in a variety of ways! The goal of the program is to let children become confident and familiar with music creativity and confidence. Children will be able to learn to play the piano, guitar, drums, violin, singing, and so much more. austin summer music camp

Little Rock Camp will encourage little ones to explore the different spectrums of music and instruments and develop an interest in the world of music as they learn together in a group setting.

They will be able to become familiar with the different variety of music genres like rock, jazz, classical, country, and so much more!

Let’s not forget that as the children are having fun, they can also develop exposure to new things. Creating memories and friendships can be great for their self-confidence and improve their self-esteem.

In addition, a midday snack is provided as well as build-your-own instruments, too!

austin summer music campRock Camp

In Rock Camp, children ages 10-15 can join in the fun, too! This Austin Summer Camp is a great place for teens to learn a new hobby. What better activity than music, right?

In this camp, not only do teens learn to play their favorite instruments, but they are also able to grow friendships and encourage one another.

When you register for this camp, you will be able to take on the stage and become a band! They will learn skills like Team Building, Music Composition, Song Writing, and so much more!

Music is something that all ages can enjoy. In the Austin Summer Camp, kids can register to learn to play the ukelele, piano, guitar, bass, violin, and singing!

How Can Music Help My Child?austin summer music camp

According to studies, children that practice music tends to have a larger vocabulary and an advanced placement in reading skills than the students that are not enrolled in music class.

Children that play music also seem to have higher grades in school as well as academic improvement all across their subjects. It is important for kids to find ways to improve their academic standing and become self-aware of what and who they want to be.

When your kids play music at an early age, it helps them achieve a foundation that’s needed to help them grow. Austin Summer Camp just may be the perfect place for your child to grow!


“Music is something that all ages can enjoy!”

Register for Austin Summer Music Camp today!

Call today to register for our Austin Summer Camp! Come and enjoy music lessons taught by Austin’s best music teachers. We have 4 locations in Austin for your convenience! Register your child today for a class this Summer. There is nothing better than a child that is having fun and learning at the same time! This is the perfect Summer activity for your kids to enjoy! Click the button below and enroll today!

austin summer music camp

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