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Austin Summer Music Camp!

by | Apr 29, 2021 | 1 comment

Summer is a great time for kids to take guitar lessons Austin to learn a new skill or develop skills they already have. We at Lone Star School of Music are proud to offer Austin summer music camp programs for kids of all ages at our four convenient locations. We offer music lessons Austin on guitar and many other instruments to children ages 5 to 15 for a week from June 6th until August 5th.

What Are the Benefits of Taking Guitar Lessons for Kids?

Austin Summer Music Camp | Lone Star School of Music

Learning to play the guitar, or any other musical instrument, at a music school Austin can benefit many aspects of a child’s life. Children who take music lessons show academic improvement and earn higher grades as a result. They also tend to have advanced reading skills and a larger vocabulary. Playing an instrument such as the guitar can develop specific skills such as memory and concentration, fine motor skills, impulse control, and self-discipline. Another benefit is the capacity for emotional expression through an appropriate channel, which can improve mental health.

While all these benefits are available from learning to play an instrument alone, summer music camps offer the opportunity to play with other children of the same age. Not only is this often more fun, but it also helps to develop social skills. A summer music program helps to build confidence through the following:

  • Self-expression and creativity
  • Knowledge and discovery
  • Self-discipline and teamwork

If your child has already begun taking private music lessons in Austin, you may find that many teachers take the summer off. Our summer music camp program helps your child continue building on their skills to keep them fresh with no backsliding. Not only that, but your child will meet and make friends with peers who have the same interests.

What Are the Summer Music Lessons Austin Programs Like?

Our summer music camp consists of two different programs. Rock Camp is available to kids age 10 to 15, who will play music in a small group setting, essentially forming their band. In addition to playing instruments, kids learn skills during their week-long Rock Camp Experience, including songwriting, team buildings, and music composition.

It is never too early to start learning music, and Little Rock Camp is available to kids ages 5 to 9. This is a more hands-on program that allows children to become more confident with instruments and more familiar with various music styles.

Who Are the Instructors for the Summer Music Camp?

Our instructors are so highly trained and skilled in their instruments that we consider them some of Austin’s best music teachers. They come to us from all across the country, from faraway states such as Wisconsin and the entertainment center of Hollywood, California.

If your child has special needs, you may wonder if they can participate in the program. Guitar lessons for kids can help children with autism or Down syndrome, and some of our instructors have received special training in instructing students with special needs.

What if Your Child Wants Music Lessons Austin on an Instrument Other Than Guitar?

Austin Summer Music Camp | Lone Star School of Music

So, your child is interested in taking music lessons but doesn’t want to learn the guitar. That is no problem. Most bands consist of more than one type of instrument, and the ensembles we form during camp are no exception. Our summer music camp programs include other instruments as well:

  • Bass
  • Cello
  • Brass
  • Drums
  • Piano
  • Ukulele
  • Violin

Children can also receive vocal lessons and coaching. Except piano and drums, kids in Rock Camp will have to supply their instruments.

What Happens During Summer Music Camp?

Each music camp extends over five days from Monday to Friday. Little Rock Camp takes place in the mornings from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. During that time, kids will get to try many instruments, build their instruments during arts and crafts and sing pop and folk songs.

Rock Camp runs from 9:00 to 3:00 p.m. There will be a morning and afternoon break in addition to lunch. There are All-Girl Rock Band Camps available.

A Fun Way to Take Guitar Lessons This Summer

Our Lone Star School of Music summer camps are a great way for your child to develop valuable skills while making friendships and memories that can last a lifetime. Find a program in which to enroll your child today.

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