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10 Reasons for Taking Adult Guitar Lessons

by | Sep 15, 2016 | 1 comment

While there are countless reasons why individuals join our Adult Guitar Lessons group, we’ve put together our top ten reasons for joining this popular music class.

Top Ten Reasons for Taking Adult Group Guitar Lessons

  1. Fulfill a Dream

    So you always wanted to play guitar, right? Maybe you grew up listening to the original guitar heroes — Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Guns N’ Roses, or the Beatles? There’s something about a guitar riff or lead that just gets under your skin. Well, grab your axe, join us for adult guitar lessons in Austin, and cross it off your bucket list.

  2. Learn Something New

    If you’re on the continuous self-improvement track, then this reason’s just for you. Learning how to play the guitar comes with a unique sense of accomplishment.

  3. Do Something Different

    Stuck in the same routine, day in and day out? Well, do something about it. Learning how to play guitar can be quite a big shake-up for the average adult. In fact, you might end up enjoying it so much that it might change your daily routine forever.

  4. Make New Friends

    We did mention this is a group class, right? Chances are you just might make a connection with some like-minded individuals. You just never know.

  5. Music as Meditation

    After you play guitar long enough, and you know longer have to bite your tongue to get your fingers to move where you want them, then playing music can actually become a form of meditation. Meditation reduces stress, enhances self-awareness, and who knows, it might even slow aging.

  6. Improve Your Mind

    There have been many studies over the years pointing towards the mental benefits of playing a musical instrument. Memory, organization, time management, and concentration are just a few of the many possible benefits.

  7. Gain Artistic and Self-Expression

    While you may not realized it, artistic and self-expression are important by-products of our personalities. Giving them a regular outlet will help you learn to express yourself even better, whether through words or musical notes.

  8. Cultural Exposure

    Guitar music spans languages, countries, customs, and cultures. From Spanish Flamenco, to Brazilian Samba, American Blue Grass, Deep South Blues, British Rock, and good old rock n’ roll, almost every culture has claimed its place in the repertoire of the guitar.

  9. Build Social Skills

    Not only are our adult guitar lessons conducted in a group setting, but music itself is a social art. We typically play for the enjoyment of others. So get a double-dose of social skills once a week at Lone Star School of Music.

  10. Music Makes You Feel Better

    Last but certainly not least, there are numerous studies that have found a direct relationship between music and happiness. Apparently, music can help regulate our nervous system as well as improve our pyschological outlook and overall mood.

Join Adult Guitar Lessons at Lone Star School of Music

So, if you want to improve the quality of your life skills, social skills, and mental well-being, join similar-minded individuals at the Lone Star School of Music. Our adult group guitar class is sure put you on the path to musical growth and discovery, no matter how little or much guitar you have studied in the past. Contact us online, call us at (512) 712-5187, or book your lesson online.

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10 Reasons for Taking Adult Guitar Lessons | Lone Star School of Music – Austin, TX