Adult Group Guitar Lessons

Find Your Inner Rockstar and Attend Our Group Guitar Lessons for Adults

Adult Guitar Lessons in Austin TX

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Beginner/Intermediate Guitar Lessons – $65/Month
Never picked up a guitar before? Desperately seeking your inner rockstar? This class is for you! In our adult group guitar lessons, you’ll learn all the basics:

  • how to tune your guitar
  • change your strings
  • keep a steady rhythm
  • how to play songs in a laid back and fun group environment

Minimum of three students for each class.

Adult Group Advanced Guitar Lessons – $65/Month
Guitar 2 picks up where Guitar 1 left off. You will continue learning chords and notes, while focusing on the music you love. Move at a faster pace as the group gains confidence with their playing and who knows, the members of your new band may be among your classmates!

Instructor/ Location
Monthly Tuition
Days: Tue
Times: 7:10pm-8:00pm
Instructors: James Cloyd
Tuition: $65