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Are you or your child interested in taking voice lessons in Austin? Become part of our musical family here at Lone Star School of Music and learn more than just how to sing! We create an uplifting and friendly environment for all of our students, making learning fun and enjoyable. Whether you’re looking to sing like Beyonce or Brendon Urie, we’ll show you how to use that voice.

More than Just Singing

Just like singing in the shower or in the car, singing lessons don’t have restrictions on the performer. No matter the age or the skillset, anyone can sing! But there’s so much more to it than music escaping your lips. It’s an art form as well as exercise. You’re using your diaphragm and your vocal cords, as well as your heart and soul, to create beautiful music. Singing is much more than just singing.

There’s a lot to singing lessons. Take a look at our blogs and learn what our voice lessons have to offer:


Lone star is one of the fastest growing music schools in the Austin area, with three current locations. We have locations in Southwest, Dripping Springs, and Lakeway. We provide voice lessons at all of our locations with some of the best instructors for you and your child.


We have some of the best instructors ready to teach and share their musical knowledge. They help guide you and your child to become the best musician possible. Plus, they help you learn… The Austin way! That means having fun while also becoming the musician you’ve always dreamed of being.

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Are you ready to take your singing to the next level? If so, then register for our singing classes today! Call us now at (512) 712-5187 or register below to take one of our classes. Take the next step to your musical career today!

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